Q: Why do you have different prices?
A: Each program is different; some ares imilar but different. We’ve built our programs to cater to different audiences. Also, each show has different setups and engagement material. 

Q: Is your price always the same?
A: if you’re an educational show, the answer is yes is will stay the same price as listed unless you’re outside the 50 mile radius, only then the price increases to cover travel expenses and time.

 if you’re looking for a crab race comedy show, the price changes based on various conditions; such as; audience size, the day of the week, time of day, the length of show, how far is it to travel, who is paying for the travel cost and hotel accommodations, if the show is indoor or outdoor, the season of year such as Summer or Christmas.

Q. what types of payments do you take?
A: We do accept checks for Educational Show Clients, but it must be from a school or school board or municipality not a personal or business check.

We accept Visa and Mastercard for all other shows.

Q. I’d like to reserve a date; how do I go about it?
A. speak to us, receive a contract, get your agreement signed and process your payment.

Q. Can I pay a deposit to hold a date?
A. We do not hold any date without payment.
We require a deposit on dates more than 30 days out, within 30 days you must pay in full.

Q. What if the date I’m looking for is booked?
A. We have four English speaking crews, two Spanish speaking and one in Portuguese, we usually have you covered. We span the Globe and have work visa in many countries outside the United States.

Q. Do you work with non-profits?
A. Yes, our services are used for fundraisers and education programs. We started and run the Gordon Morley Give and Get Foundation, our mission as 501(c)3 non-profit Organization is to create opportunities through education, sharing, and aid. We do so by using to non-evasive Hermit Crabs therapy shows filled with interaction which leads to the joy of laughter.  
Our programs and outreach incorporate three core areas of education

Non-Evasive Hermit Crab Conservation,, Hydrocephalus (Water on the Brain), and assisting Unprivileged Families of Women and Children.  

Q. Do you carry insurance?
A.  Yes, we have a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy. Zero Incidents, Hold Harmless Waivers

Q. Has there ever been any incidents?
A. Zero. No bites, no pinches, no slip and falls, nada – nothing. We don’t allow untrained professional near their pinchers.

Q. Do hermit crabs bite?
A. No, zero bites reported in the history of man has come from hermit crabs. They don’t bite you, never have.

Q. So hermit crabs carry diseases or can I get sick from handling them?
A. Zero diseases are known man related to hermit crabs. Zero reported to the CDC, Health Department. We do carryhand sanitization.

Q. Are you licensed?
A. yes, we are licensed in multiple states. If we aren’t in your state, we will obtain one before the show.

Q. Are you required to have an animal handlers license?
A. We are exempt under USDA standards; Hermit Crabs handlers are classified as not required to carry a USDA certification, We do have a license with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Land Hermit Crabs are crustaceans not fish, not lions or tigers.

Q. Do you have crabs with painted shells?
A. We have crabs in non-painted and painted shells. The crabs in painted shells are non-toxic, non-lead based paint and sealed. Many years ago other countries would use lead based paint, Today its illegal to use lead based paint and the shells you seel painted today are non-toxic paint and sealed with a clear coating for their protection. Many times a crab will select a painted shell over a non-painted shell. They are smart crustaceans, they will move out of the shell if they don't like them. .

Q. How do hermit crabs get in their shell?
A. They select their shells on their own, each one, and they may change their shell for various reasons, see one of our educational shows to learn more.

Q. Where are your crabs from?
A. Native to Florida land hermit crabs the live in Florida on a Crab Farm Mansion of sorts. The form term is Coenobita clypeatus but they are commonly called the Purple Pincher. From time to time we may have crabs from Caribbean region.

Q. Are the crabs harmed in your care?
A. They have the best possible life in our care, we are specialist is seeking a comfortable and safe life for hermit crab education and prosperity. we have rescued many hermits from pet owners and called to rescue crabs all over the world. They have natural predators. There are many myths out there about crab care, mostly from unlicensed and the uneducated or uninformed. We are experienced conservationist that are passionate for hermit crabs.

Q. Is the Crabs in your education show and the crab race and comedy the same?
A. Mostly the same breed of crabs but not the same performers as they are totally different shows, Have special training..

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